Brief Introduction to China Huashi Enterprises Co., Ltd. 

     China Huashi Enterprises Co., Ltd. (China Huashi for short) was founded in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in August 1982. With its registered capital being RMB 300 million, total assets being worth RMB 5.5 billion, and net assets being worth RMB 1 billion, China Huashi has established itself as a large-scale construction enterprise with its annual comprehensive construction capacity exceeding RMB 10 billion and as a flagship enterprise with leading comprehensive strength in Shenzhen construction industry. China Huashi has been recognized by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government as one of the first headquarters’ enterprises in Shenzhen City and the large-scale backbone enterprises in Guangdong Province. 

    China Huashi has national special-class qualifications for general contracting of house construction as well as multiple Class A qualifications for professional contracting, including Class A qualifications for general contracting of mechanical and electrical installation works and municipal public works, professional contracting of building finishing & decoration works, professional contracting of steel-structure works, professional contracting of hoisting equipment installation works, and professional contracting of airport road works. Its business scope also covers real estate development, labor service cooperation, and foreign economic & technical cooperation, etc. 

     China Huashi possesses multiple branches and subsidiaries, including Shenzhen Civil Engineering Branch, professional branches, regional branches and holding subsidiaries. Taking foot in Shenzhen, China Huashi has formed a business layout of “three deltas (Pearl River Delta, Central Delta and West Delta), two economic zones (South Coast Economic Zone and West Coast Economic Zone) and one gulf (Beibu Gulf)”, with its business network covering 17 provinces and autonomous regions in Chinese mainland as well as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region. While vigorously exploring Southeast Asian and Mongolian markets, China Huashi has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with large-scale world-famous enterprises such as Country Garden, Agile, Fantasia, CMPD, Xi’an Hairong, Guangxi Guanghui and Fluor, thus forming an all-around, multi-field and wide-span participation in the competition in building market, with Shenzhen as the headquarters.

     In the past 33 years since its foundation, China Huashi has accumulatively completed over 2000 projects of various kinds, with the total construction area exceeding 45,300,000 square meters. China Huashi has successively contracted the construction of a number of key projects that are influential at home and abroad, such as Shenzhen Gymnasium, Shenzhen Stadium, Shenzhen Huawei Research Center, Universiade Shenzhen Athletes Village, Shenzhen Software Industry Base, South University of Science and Technology of China, Consulate General of the United States of America in Guangzhou, Seaton Plaza, Sheraton Hotel Nanchang, Xi’an Global Trade Center, Beijing Capital Airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, and Tibet Linzhi Wosigongbu Manor.

     Persevering in improving its core comprehensiveness via technological progress, China Huashi has won “Special Honorary Award for Creation of Luban Project” and “Outstanding Contribution Award for Creation of Luban Project” by virtue of its management concept of “Standardization, Exquisiteness, Efficiency and Transcendence” and environmental protection concept of “Green Buildings, Green Huashi”. Such projects as Shenzhen Gymnasium, Shenzhen Stadium, Yukang Building, Jintian Building, Development Bank Building, State Taxation Bureau Building, New Times Plaza, Huawei Research Center and Grand Skylight International Hotel Guanlan have won 21 awards (times) of Luban Prize. Times Fortune Building won “National Award for High-quality Projects”; the building of Fujian Industrial Bank won “National Zhantianyou Grand Prix for Civil Works”. Moreover, China Huashi has won over 220 national, provincial and municipal high-quality project awards (times) such as “Goldsmith Award” of Guangdong Province, “Azalea Cup” of Jiangxi Province, “Tianfu Cup” of Sichuan Province, “Chang’an Cup” of Shaanxi Province, “High-quality Project Award of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region” and “Taurus Award” of Shenzhen City.

     The corporate spirit of “Constructing Worldwide Projects with Virtues and Benevolence” and the corporate values of “Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Innovation” jointly constitute the essence of the core values of China Huashi and made it enjoy great reputations in all social circles. In recent years, China Huashi has gradually established and improved its mechanism marketization, management intensification, layout regionalization, and cultivation of the corporate culture of “Construction with Benevolence”. China Huashi has been appraised as “National Advanced Enterprise in Quality and Efficiency”, “National Excellent Construction Enterprise”, “National Excellent Enterprise in Engineering Construction Quality Control”, “Enterprise with Class AAA Credit Rating in National Building Industry”, “National Satisfactory Enterprise”, “Top 100 Enterprise in Guangdong Province”, “Outstanding enterprises in Guangdong Province “、“The Best Trustworthy Enterprise in Guangdong Province”, and “Top 100 Enterprise in Shenzhen City”. Furthermore, China Huashi has been successively appraised as “Gold Brand” construction enterprise in Shenzhen City when winning the titles of “Enterprise Making Outstanding Contribution to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the Past Three Decades” and “Top 100 Competitive Enterprise in Chinese Building Industry” as well as the “National May 1st Labor Award”.